To Remain Conscious in My Unconscious

To remain conscious to my unconscious

That was my goal

But once it’s a goal

The game is on

My unconscious will be

Nowhere in sight

Is it hiding? Who knows – it knows

I find it in a softening

Of body and soul

When I truly take a few moments

Of unscheduled time

And rest into that moment

And see what I find

I didn’t go looking

It just happened to appear

My unconscious longing

Full of sadness and fear

Am I good enough?

Do I matter?

The tears start to roll

I can see my insecurity

My vulnerable parts

They matter to me

And that is the start

Stay hidden

Stay doing

The mantra from past

The longing for beauty

For peace

And for love

Is clear

Like a sign from above

But how, might I ask,

Is one to find

The gifts of the spirit

Hidden so deep inside?

Through silence

And solitude

This is a clue

To remain conscious to my unconscious

Though that was the goal

The game was on me

I was never in charge

My wisest self knows

Exactly what I need

Just take time to listen

And you’ll know what I mean