The Journey

Water Rushing, moving fast

Like the words from our past

Having choices seems so new

Like a blade of grass fresh with dew

Growing stronger, healing wounds

As the thawing waters run

How do I know myself?

What must I do?

Going deeper, deeper still

Trusting spirit, trusting self

Trusting others to hold us firm

While those waters rush so fast

Letting go of who we are

Stepping outside of what we see

Holding more and more to know

Empathy first, then healing begins

Welcoming all, excluding none

Journey beginning, never ends

Evolution is spirit’s plan

Inching forward day by day

Like the bulb on each spring day

Before you know it, a flower blooms

All its colors brilliant and true

Authentic self is dawning now

Releasing patterns, merging selves

Inching forward day by day

As the winter fades away

Gifts abound like the spring

Beauty, wisdom, courage and peace

Wholeness, wonder, faith and love

Journey onward day by day

Cutting trails along the way