I Am Being Changed from the Inside Out

I’m being changed from the inside out

Like a bush being burning down to the ground

Suddenly you see fresh green sprouts starting to grow

That’s impossible you think-there was nothing left-everything was eaten by the fire

But a miracle occurred

The bush was given a second chance at this life

Spirit said “it’s time to heal the past and start to grow again”

The Body gave its strong signals, the Mind and Emotions did their work too..

“But how” cried the Bush “it’s so dark and scary.”

And I’m afraid

The answers came as whispers in the wind

And butterfly wings on its leaves

And warmth of the sun into the ground

A new life was emerging

This bush was stronger than the last

This bush had faced its fears from the past

This bush knew deep in its heart that it mattered, mattered deeply to those around it

This bush knew that the answers to all of life’s questions are found within the heartmind

This bush knew that facing the critical voices in its head was the only way to inner peace

This bush knew that each voice was afraid or scared about something

This bush knew its job was to be present

To listen to whatever wanted to be known and held with care

This bush knew that each voice held a gift within its message

This bush now has the wisdom to be still and quiet

This bush understands that stillness and quiet are the greatest treasures ever

Treasurers that are timeless and true

Treasurers that this Bush cannot pass onto others

But that this bush can act as a witness and presence for others

Trusting that others also need to be burned down to the ground and find their own way to change

To change from the inside out