Connect With Yourself Deeply

Refilling Your Well App is a simple but powerful tool to take time out for time in, true self care and compassion. Let’s face it, neither you nor me are safe from various human emotions and the unmet needs for understanding, love, compassion and care that can feel overwhelming at times. Whether it’s a personal or professional problem, if you have an issue to take care of, you can be supported internally and quickly by using this app. Only .99 and you can use it once or thousand times for the same low cost, no ads, no gimmicks, and no expensive subscriptions. I have simplified Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication with this app.

App Features

Professional Help, Personalized Just for You

Refilling Your Well app is here to help slow down your reactions to events in life that are triggering or activating for you. By taking time out for time in, this app walks you through a few easy steps to connect with the part of you feeling reactive or regretful or critical. Then by noticing what you are feeling, you can then connect with the unmet needs that the situation is pointing towards. As a certified Life Coach I’ve had the pleasure to create this app to help people overcome their daily struggles and identify within themselves the inner resources to develop a more peaceful and joyful life. From offering personal self directed coaching sessions to providing a platform to vent, this amazing app will support you in your healing process. No one has had a perfect childhood, so we could all benefit from having an inner guide that loves and accepts us. Using the Refilling Your Well App on a regular basis supports self connect, self love and self acceptance.

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