Taking Time In: A Self Empathy Process

A Journal Page for Self Empathy

Are you ready to respond instead of react? What happened? What event or situation are you taking a Time-In for? Write the story you are telling yourself (your thoughts/opinions about yourself or another).


Write all the feelings you are feeling when you tell yourself this story.


Write all the needs that these feelings are pointing to that are not being met in this situation.

Top 5 Needs

Now write the top 5 needs that are calling for some time and attention.

Now that you have connected to your needs in this situation and what matters most to you, is there something new that wants to emerge? If so, take time to write that below.

If you find yourself going back into disconnecting thoughts or angry feelings, then take some more time for self empathy.

More support: www.refillingyourwell.com

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