Choice for Change

1. Think of a situation in your life that doesn’t work. Describe it.

2. Why is this situation a problem? How does it interfere in the healthy, growthful, functioning of your life?

3. How would you like this situation to be different?

4. Why is it important that you change this situation? If it were different, how would your life be better, more satisfying?

5. How do you create, promote, or allow this situation to exist? What do you do to keep this situation going? What is your responsibility?

6. How could you change to improve this situation? In Inner Ways Attitude/thoughts/beliefs/expectation/demands/desires/fantasy

In Outer Ways? Behavior/action.

7. A. Do you think you should change in this way? 

B. Do you want to change in this way?

C. Do you need to change in this way? (For health, safety, growth reasons)

8. Would the improved situation be worth the required change?

In what ways, Yes? 

In what ways, No?

9. What do you need to do, specifically, to create this change? Plan of action–step by step.

10. Do you choose to change (or take the first steps toward change)? 

Experience the choice

Stay inside.

What is that like?

11. If yes, what affirmation can you make to support this choice?

If no, is there another choice you want to make?

If no, are you willing to let it be OK not to change at this time?

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