Authentic Self

Authentic Self is that wise part of us that knows how to protect and keep us safe

Authentic Self is that part that is all good and flowing, like water, that without it you would perish

Authentic Self flowing like a brook, but winter comes and so does that first layer of ice, like a baby who is perfect and pure, but isn’t seen that way, so Authentic Self steps in and flows over the ice, not letting the blocks stop it

Authentic Self like the brook, has layer upon layer of ice placed on top of it-soon we will wonder, where is it?

Authentic Self protects the child as it grows up because the child’s parents are also covered in ice, hiding their own true Authentic Self buried beneath their wounding

Authentic Self is always true to its mission, to protect the child at all costs-soon so much happens that no matter how slight or how big, ice and snow cover the Authentic Self so much that you can’t see the river at all anymore

But we know it is there, without the water we would perish, so it has to be there

Authentic Self is just buried under the many layers of ice and yet it is still there guiding and protecting us

Authentic Self leads us towards wholeness, happiness and harmony the very way it came to be – as a miracle leading us since we were just tiny little babies

When do we notice? Does it always take a crisis, or pain or fear or worry?

Like the sun melting the snow then the ice on the brook, we notice when we look, when we open our eyes, when we allow ourselves to become vulnerable and experience another’s connection and empathy

Once we notice we are directed and guided

We start by realizing it has been there all along, this Authentic Self serving and protecting us, doing its best to keep us alive

Soon we are offered mirrors from those who have walked this path before us – showing us what we couldn’t see because those around us did not have the gift of clear vision themselves

Authentic Self in us – is often first noticed by others – until we, ourselves, can notice this part

It is there under the many layers of ice, but now when we stop and listen, we can hear it roar because the ice is melting quickly now that our attention is there and we are supported by others who have made this journey, loud just like the sound you hear on those warm spring days as the sun is melting the ice on the brook

Our parents weren’t perfect because their parents weren’t perfect all the way down the line to the beginning of time

The intensity and levels of imperfectedness that happened were different for each and every one of us

These wounds are the layers of ice on the brook but through it all Authentic Self was present – guiding, leading, loving and protecting

When obstacles got in its way, it just creatively found a way around, like the water in the brook – always flowing and finding a way around, up and over, down and under and even finding a completely new path

Authentic Self can do that for us – no matter what – its whole purpose is to love us and keep us alive; it has been waiting for you – patiently

Welcome this journey of getting to know your Authentic Self and of being, as we always were, our own Authentic Self…even under the ice