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Robin's Approach

There is a great misunderstanding that we, in all of our beautiful humanity, inadvertently perpetuate every day–––that parts of us are “good” and parts of us are “bad.” The truth is all of your life has led to all of the person you are.

I take a holistic approach that bridges Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Psychosynthesis, two practices built on seeing, understanding, and loving ALL of you. Explorations in NVC and Psychosynthesis, and the many creative exercises inherent in both, help you claim those divided parts and receive the care they need to make you feel centered, whole, and loving.

Nonviolent Communication



My work helping others is endlessly engaging because, like many of us, I’m never done learning and growing. I believe that global transformation happens on a personal level. My 20-year journey developing emotional health and personal freedom by way of various methods developed in me a practice of self-care, self-love, and personal empowerment, which has built the foundation for my ability to bring the work to others.

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Our Work Together

You are at the core of this work. Yes, I’m a coach and counselor, but more, a kind of guide, working in tandem to help you discover what you need most and take steps towards getting that need met. Personal freedom—the kind in which you can love and accept every part of yourself—is the bringing forth of your best you. That is something no one can give to you, but it is something that you and I can find inside you, together.